To celebrate SETAC’s 40th anniversary, the SETAC North America Eugene Mancini Endowment Fund Board of Trustees is creating a photo mosaic to show the many faces of SETAC. Through our engagement, each of us has contributed to this society, and together we made it into what it is today. We thank all of you who have authored, reviewed, read or shared a journal article from Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management or the SETAC Globe; attended or presented research at a SETAC meeting; or volunteered on a board, council, committee or interest group. The photo mosaic will be displayed at the SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 3–7 November in Toronto, Canada.

To be included in the SETAC 40th Anniversary photo mosaic, please submit a photo of yourself at You will be asked to enter your name, email and upload the photo, such as the photos from last year’s headshot lounge. The deadline to submit a photo is 31 August. Please help us to complete this photo mosaic!

Submit a Photo

There is no charge to include your photo in this mosaic. However, the SETAC North America Eugene Mancini Endowment Fund Board of Trustees is asking everyone to consider contributing to the Endowment Fund to help meet the Herb Ward Challenge of growing the fund to $400,000 for the 40th annual meeting. We appreciate any donation – it isn’t what you give but that you give.