SETAC always takes environmental sustainability considerations into account when planning a meeting, including venue selection and travel, energy usage and food, plastic and other waste. Here are some of the environmental sustainability initiatives that are in place for this meeting:


Toronto is a progressive city that continues to develop and implement innovative policies and programs to inspire the community to address climate change and make Toronto one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the world.

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is an industry leader in sustainability. The center is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and running its building and events efficiently. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The convention center team successfully diverts 90% of the waste produced in the center from landfill. Departments work together to donate leftover food and supplies to local charities, and whatever cannot be donated is reused or recycled if possible
  • The facility boosts a live green roof that houses beehives and infrastructure that minimizes water usage
  • Catering focuses on locally sourced menus and minimized waste stream. The team also maintains a rooftop herb garden.
  • The Metro Toronto Convention Centre offers the option to offset the greenhouse gas emissions by choosing clean power, made possible through our partnership with Bullfrog Power
  • The South Building, where all SETAC events are held, was the first facility in Toronto to be on Enwave Energy’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system. This unique system uses cold water extracted from Lake Ontario for cooling the building, resulting in significant reductions in electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Strict purchasing policies at the center ensure that employees and attendees are not being unnecessarily exposed to toxins from cleaning products or furniture

Please visit the center’s sustainability website for more details.


Participants’ travel is a major factor in the carbon footprint increases of attending a meeting. Therefore, we recommend that travelers utilize buses or trains over airplanes when possible. If traveling by plane, we suggest using the UP Express train to travel to and from the airport to the convention center area in metro Toronto.

Meeting Materials

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre offers digital signage, which will help cut down paper waste. We also have been promoting our meeting website and app, and attendees will be able to opt-out from printed programs in 2020.

Make a Difference

As a participant, you can also contribute in making a difference.

  • Try to reduce the number of flights and use public transport when available
  • Pick a hotel nearby and walk to center to reduce travel
  • Don’t forget to bring your own bottle or mug to refill
  • Put your badge and lanyard in the special bins or drop it at the registration desk before leaving

For thoughts, ideas or questions, please contact us at